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The Lord Awaits You Here

If you have any questions about our worship services or church activities, please get in touch with us today.

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A Place Where You Are Loved

At Integrity Prophetic Ministries Int’l, we are dedicated to representing the Lord in a godly manner. Our nondenominational church is focused on helping communities by feeding, sheltering, and assisting minority families and the youth. For more information about our activities, contact us in Palmdale, California.

IPMI Gathering

Pastor Thalia Hicks getting ready to marry a couple in Texas.

Pastor Hicks’ first wedding ceremony in Texas, marrying Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

February 2019: Integrity Prophetic Ministries Int’l’s Couple Celebration

Wedding Ceremony In Moreno Valley, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

August 19, 2017 

February 2019: Integrity Prophetic Ministries Int’l’s Couple Celebration

Integrity Prophetic Ministries Int’l Fellowship Celebration 2019

In loving memory of Integrity Prophetic Ministries Int’l’s head mother, Dorothy L. Barnett. RIP 2020

Dee Dee Simon


Thelma William

Mother of Ministries

LaTanya Hall Mcgee


Arlene Adams

 Mother of Ministries

Flossie Johnson

Mother of Ministries

Deborah Wilkins


Belinda Bell

Youth Minister Director

Delorian Cole

Youth Minister 

Stories from Our Congregation

Hi my name is Kingdom Pastor Hicks was on the ministry line and she told me that I will be moving up in my position where I work at. She said she heard manager I told pastor I wasn’t really sure about moving up the day before yesterday I had went in to work my boss pulled me to the side and said have you ever thought about moving up in the store this is my testimony to pastor that the prophecy has came to past.


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